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WNBA: Fan Voted Bonuses

Supporting Women's Sports: 

Together with Fan Up

Our global initiative to support female athletes. Our first goal is to help pay WNBA athletes $1M in fan voted bonuses! This community & movement to support women's sports, athletes and fans globally will also include: 

  • Voting Rights on bonuses, and initiatives for the community.
  • Virtual Meet & Greets with Athletes 
  • Speaker & Education Series
  • Access to Sports Biz Network platform
  • Exclusive perks on merch, events, etc. 
  • Ownership in Initiatives around Women's Sports

Fan Up, a leader in fan engagement and reward platforms, is proud to partner with The Sports Biz Network to launch this extraordinary initiative. As part of their commitment to fan involvement, Fan Up will also contribute up to $250,000 to reward participating fans.

NIL Academy

NIL Academy Launched on SBN 

Why You Should Join Us

We are building the best community in the world around sports and business. 

  • Digital Community 
  • Networking 
  • Speaker Series & Education
  • Exclusive Perks 
  • Biz Trends
  • Featured Stories
  • Roundtables, Happy Hours and much more! 

From startups to multimillion dollar companies you'll want to join us. 

About Us

Created by athletes and entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people across the globe. When you join the Sports Biz Network you get access to access to all events in the network for the year!

The First Ever NIL Virtual Summit:

  • Guest Speakers from: Facebook / IG, Twitch, athletes and brands! 
  • Topics include: NIL Recap, What athletes & brands are doing in the space, Building Your Brand, Round Tables, Q&A, Networking and more!
  • When you join the NIL Virtual Summit you get access to virtual events as well as the online community all year!


The Sports Biz Virtual Summit

Panelist Included:

  • New York City Football Club 
  • International Fitness Federation 
  • World Surfing League 
  • Drone Racing League
  • World Table Tennis Association
  • Athletes Unlimited
  • Barcode
  • Whoosh 
  • Spotify 
  • Facebook
  • Bleacher Report 
  • Nike 
  • Sports Illustrated 
  • Moolah Shoes 
  • Grind Basketball 
  • Gymble
  • Vital Proteins
  • NBA on TNT 
  • Legion Hoops 
  • MaxPreps / CBS 
  • Chicago Sky 
  • Multicasting 
  • KinoTek
  • And More!

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